Harassment, Human trafficking and Cybercrime can be reported through “Kollona Amn” App

By Mohammed Ameen

Published on:

Harassment, Human trafficking and Cyber crime can be reported through "Kollona Amn" App

Saudi Arabia’s Public Security Department has added three new features to its “Kollona Amn” (We Are All Security) app, such as reporting harassment, cybercrimes and human trafficking.

Kollona Amn is an application that helps protect individual privacy. This app allows users to make an official complaint if they believe their privacy has been violated. Citizens and residents can send an incident by attaching a video or a photo or an audio note.

Cybercrimes include infringing on an individual’s personal life, identity theft, blackmail, hacking social media accounts, defamation, fraud, verbal abuse, and stalking; human trafficking crimes include forced labor, sex trafficking, begging, transporting and smuggling foreigners, and practices similar to slavery and organ trafficking can be reported through this app.