What you should know about Saudi Founding Day

By Mohammed Ameen

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What you should know about Saudi Founding Day

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz on last week issued a Royal Order to commemorate February 22 every year as Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day.

What is Founding Day in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia’s new annual holiday commemorates the ascendancy to power of Mohammed bin Saud, who founded the First Saudi State (Emirate of Diriyah).

Official Holiday for Public and Private Sector

The Founding Day, February 22, is a national holiday by royal decree. The labor ministry has clarified that besides the public sector, the private sector employees will also get an official holiday on the Saudi founding day.

Is Saudi Arabia’s National Day and Founding Day Different?

Saudi National Day is celebrated on September 23 and commemorates King Abdulaziz’s unification of all regions. At the same time, the Founding Day is a new event to commemorate the deep historical roots of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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