Lebara Mobile Internet Packages for Ramadan 2024

By Mohammed Ameen

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Lebara Internet Packages

Searching for an affordable data plan? You’re in the right place. Lebara Mobile offers a variety of internet packages designed to suit various needs and preferences. With options ranging from daily to monthly, let’s discover what Lebara Mobile KSA has in store.

Weekly Packages

Lebara Mobile KSA’s weekly packages are tailored for those who need flexibility without long-term commitments. These plans range from modest data allowances for light users to unlimited options for those who don’t want to worry about running out of data.

For Light to Moderate Users

  • 50MB for 1 week at 2 SR
  • 200MB for 1 week at 5 SR
  • 500MB for 1 week at 10 SR
  • 1GB for 21 days at 17 SR
  • 3GB +1GB +2GB Social for 1 week at 25 SR
  • 10GB for 1 week at 35 SR
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For Heavy Users

  • 20GB for 2 weeks at 60 SR
  • 15GB for 2 weeks at 50 SR
  • Unlimited Data for 1 week at 99 SR
  • Unlimited Social for 1 week at 29.99 SR

Daily Packages

For those days when you need a quick internet fix, Lebara’s daily packages come to the rescue. Whether it’s binge-watching your favorite YouTube channel or scrolling through social media, there’s a plan for every need.

  • 500MB for 1 day at 5 SR
  • 1GB for 1 day at 10 SR
  • 5GB for 1 day at 15 SR
  • 10GB for 3 days at 20 SR
  • Unlimited Social for 1 day at 5.99 SR
  • Unlimited YouTube for 1 day at 9.99 SR
  • Unlimited Data for 1 day at 19 SR
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Monthly Packages

Lebara Mobile’s monthly packages are designed for users seeking longer-term solutions. With a wide range of data volumes and some packages offering additional social media data, users can enjoy a whole month of worry-free internet access.

  • From modest 2GB + 1GB Social for 1 month at 28 SR to generous 150GB for 3 months at 330 SR, there’s something for every type of user.
  • The Unlimited Data package for 1 month at 345 SR is perfect for users with high data consumption.
  • Special packages like 25GB +10GB +15GB Social at 95 SR cater to those who are active on social media platforms.

For more details and to activate your plan, visit the Lebara website.

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