Best STC Internet Packages for Ramadan 2024: Prepaid & Postpaid

By Mohammed Ameen

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STC Quicknet Internet Plans

Looking for fast and affordable internet? STC offers a variety of Quicknet prepaid and postpaid internet packages designed to fit your needs. In this blog article, we’ll break down the latest plans, features, and pricing to help you choose the perfect option for staying connected.

STC Prepaid Internet Packages for New Customers

New to STC? Enjoy flexible data plans without long-term commitments. STC’s quicknet prepaid packages offer a range of options to suit your browsing habits and budget.

Data PlanPrice (Incl. VAT)Validity
35+ (45GB Streaming)SR 1151 month
100GB+ (19GB Social)SR 195.501 month
10GBSR 201.253 months
80GB+ (90GB Streaming)SR 2532 months
100GB+ (120GB Streaming)SR 3683 months
UnlimitedSR 373.751 month
300GBSR 517.503 months
600GBSR 862.56 months
1000GBSR 1,7251 year
UnlimitedSR 1,121.253 months

Your streaming data covers Netflix, YouTube, STC TV, and Shahid (subscriptions needed). Use social media data for WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitch.

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STC Prepaid Internet Renewal Plans

If you run out of data, you can renew your plan or choose a new one. To buy a new package, use a credit card, your data SIM balance (send activation code to 900), or pick up a Quicknet voucher.

DataPrice (Inc. VAT)ValidityActivation Code
35GB + 45GB streaming 
115 SR
1 month2743
80GB + 90GB streaming253 SR
2 month
100GB + 120GB streaming 
368 SR
3 months
10GB201.25 SR3 months2722 
300GB517.50 SR3 months2728 
100GB+19GB social media195.5 SR1 month2734 
500GB862.5 SR6 months2731 
Unlimited**373.75 SR1 month2726 
Unlimited**109.25 SR1 week2730 
Unlimited1121.25 SR3 months2739 
Unlimited23 SR1 dayvia mystc app
1000 GB1725 SR1 year2746

STC Postpaid Internet Packages

Considering an STC Quicknet postpaid plan? Here’s a breakdown of their most up-to-date packages for new customers:

DataPackage descriptionMonthly Price
10+15 GBLimited time offer for new customers75 SR
20+15 GB Limited time offer for new customers85 SR
50+15 GBLimited time offer for new customers115 SR
100GB184 SR
50+ (100GB Gaming)207 SR
100+ (100GB Streaming)299 SR
UnlimitedLimited time offer for new customers373 SR

STC Postpaid Internet Packages with Devices

STC Quicknet’s postpaid plans aren’t just about data. Upgrade your experience with a device bundle! Here’s what they offer:

Package DescriptionPrice (Inc. VAT)Contract
Unlimited with free 5G MyFi402.5 SR18 months
100GB + 100 Streaming with free 5G MyFi363 SR18 months
50GB + 100 Gaming with free 5G MyFi271 SR18 months
100GB with free 5G MyFi269 SR12 months
100GB with free 4G MyFi215 SR6 months
QuickNet 5G 50GB MatePad 11162 SR24 months
QuickNet 5G 50GB MatePad SE Kids148 SR24 months
QuickNet 5G 50GB MatePad SE 32GB148 SR24 months
QuickNet 5G 50GB MatePad SE 64GB152 SR24 months
Quicknet 50GB with iPad Air 2022 – 64GB250 SR24 months
Quicknet 50GB with iPad Air 2022 – 256GB280 SR24 months
Quicknet 50GB with iPad mini 2022 – 64GB250 SR24 months
Quicknet 50GB with iPad mini 2022 – 256GB280 SR24 months

With so many exciting options, STC Quicknet makes finding the perfect internet plan for your needs easy and affordable.

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