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STC Quicknet Internet Plans: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Options

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STC Quicknet Internet Packages June 2023

If you’re in search of pocket-friendly prepaid internet plans in Saudi Arabia, STC Quicknet Packages are a great choice. In this article, we’ll discuss different STC Quicknet packages suitable for all types of users, from casual surfers to heavy data users. So, sit back, relax, and let’s explore the world of STC Quicknet packages to find the perfect one for your budget and needs. Enjoy your browsing journey!

STC Quicknet Fresh Data SIM Packages

If you decide to purchase a new STC Prepaid Data SIM, you’ll have a diverse range of package choices. Here are some of the available options as of June 2023.

PackageValidityPrice (incl. VAT)
25GB + 25GB Streaming Data1 MonthSAR 115
100GB + 19GB Social Media Data1 MonthSAR 195.50
10GB3 MonthsSAR 201.25
80GB + 80 GB Streaming Data2 MonthsSAR 253
20GB Roaming1 WeekSAR 287.5
100GB + 100GB Streaming3 MonthsSAR 368
Unlimited (1 Month)1 MonthSAR 373.75
Unlimited Roaming (1 Month)1 MonthSAR 402.50
300GB3 MonthsSAR 517.50
500GB6 MonthsSAR 862.50
Unlimited (3 Months)3 MonthsSAR 1121.25

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Quicknet PP Package with Device

If you’re looking for a Quicknet SIM with a portable pocket-sized 4G modem, you can select from the following packages:

UnlimitedZTE MyFi 4G511.75 SR1 month
(25GB + 25 GB streaming)ZTE MyFi 4G253 SR1 month

Quicknet Renewal and Voucher Options

When you have finished using all the data in your current package, you have a few options to renew or activate a new package. You can purchase a new package using a credit card or the balance on your STC Prepaid Data SIM (by sending the activation code to 900). Additionally, you can also activate a new package by using a Quicknet voucher.

DataPrice (incl. VAT)ValidityActivation Code
25GB + 25GB streaming115 SR1 month2743
80GB + 80GB streaming253 SR2 months2744
100GB + 100GB streaming368 SR3 months2745
10GB201.25 SR3 months2722
300GB517.50 SR3 months2728
100GB+19GB Social Media195.5 SR1 month2734
500GB862.5 SR6 months2731
Unlimited**373.75 SR1 month2726
Unlimited**109.25 SR1 week2730
Unlimited1121.25 SR3 months2739
Unlimited23 SR1 daythrough mystc app

How to Check STC Internet Balance

To easily check your STC internet balance, you can either send an SMS with the text ‘2220’ to the number ‘900’ or dial *166# and press ‘call’ on your phone.

How to Renew or Subscribe to STC Prepaid Internet Packages

There are multiple methods to renew or subscribe to new STC internet packages:

  • Visit the website:
  • Use Quicknet vouchers
  • Use the My STC App
  • Send an SMS with your data SIM balance

By using any of these methods, you can easily renew or subscribe to your desired STC internet package.


In conclusion, STC Quicknet offers a variety of internet packages to meet the needs of its customers. From basic data plans to unlimited options, STC has something for everyone. By exploring the latest STC Quicknet internet packages, customers can find the best fit for their internet usage needs.

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hello sir, i have concern about my iqama fees. im huroob before 5 years expired iqama. then i find new company to transfer. my boss said 30sr my cost then he make 50/50 for the cost ,, and now 15k sr is my obligation to pay for 2 years 600 per months. can i know my real cost for my transfer