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STC Quicknet Internet: Complete List of Packages 2024

STC Quicknet Prepaid Internet Packages

Are you looking for the best-prepaid internet packages in Saudi Arabia? Well, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re discussing the STC Quicknet Prepaid Internet Packages – a popular choice for many expats in the kingdom. Whether you’re chatting with friends, video calling back home, streaming your favorite shows, or keeping up with work emails, a reliable internet connection is important. And that’s where STC comes in, offering a variety of packages to suit different needs and budgets. So, let’s explore these packages to help you find the perfect match for your online lifestyle in Saudi Arabia.

STC Quicknet Prepaid Data SIM Packages

If you’re new to STC Quicknet packages and don’t have an existing connection, you can start with one of the new SIM packages we’ve listed here. Once it’s used up, you can easily recharge your account with the other plans detailed later in this article. This approach is a great way to get acquainted with STC’s services and find the plan that best fits your needs.

Data PlanValidityPrice (Incl. VAT)
35GB+45GB Streaming Data1 monthSAR 115.00
100GB+19GB Social Media Data1 monthSAR 195.50
10GB3 monthsSAR 201.25
85GB+90GB Streaming Data2 monthsSAR 253.00
20GB Roaming1 weekSAR 287.50
100GB+120GB Streaming3 monthsSAR 368.00
Unlimited1 monthSAR 373.75
50GB Roaming1 monthSAR 402.50
300GB3 monthsSAR 517.50
500GB6 monthsSAR 862.50
Unlimited3 monthsSAR 1121.25
1000GB1 yearSAR 1725.00

You can use your streaming data to access platforms like Netflix, YouTube, STC TV, and Shahid. Keep in mind that each streaming service requires its own subscription. Likewise, social media data allows you to use platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitch.

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Quicknet Prepaid eSIM Packages

If you want to purchase an eSIM, which is becoming increasingly popular, you can directly select from one of the plans listed below.

25GB+25GB Streaming1 monthSAR 57.50
80GB+80GB Streaming2 monthsSAR 126.50
100GB+100GB Streaming3 monthsSAR 184.00
Unlimited1 monthSAR 261.62
100GB+19GB Social1 monthSAR 136.85
10GB3 monthsSAR 140.88
Unlimited3 monthsSAR 784.88
300GB 3 monthsSAR 362.25
500GB 6 monthsSAR 603.75
1000GB1 yearSAR 1725.00

STC Quicknet Prepaid Data SIM Renewal Plans / Vouchers

After you’ve exhausted the data in your existing package, you have the option to either renew it or opt for a different one. To purchase a new plan, you can use a credit card or the existing balance on your STC Prepaid Data SIM. Simply send the activation code to 900 to initiate this process. Another option is to activate a new package using a Quicknet voucher, available for purchase at various local stores.

Data PlanValidityPrice (Incl. VAT)Activation Code
35GB+45GB streaming1 monthSAR 115.002743
80GB+90GB streaming3 monthsSAR 253.002744
100GB+120GB streaming3 monthsSAR 368.002745
10GB3 monthsSAR 201.252722
300GB3 monthsSAR 517.502728
100GB+19GB Social Media1 monthSAR 195.502734
500GB6 monthsSAR 862.502731
Unlimited1 monthSAR 373.752726
Unlimited1 weekSAR 109.252730
Unlimited3 monthsSAR 1121.252739
Unlimited1 daySAR 23.00via mystc app
1000GB1 yearSAR 1725.002746

How to Check STC Internet Balance

To easily check your STC internet balance, send an SMS with “2220” to “900” or dial *166# and press the call button on your phone. For more methods to check your STC data balance, read this article.

How to Renew or Subscribe to STC Prepaid Internet Packages

There are multiple methods to renew or subscribe to new STC internet packages:

  • Visit the website: https://my.stc.com.sa.
  • Use Quicknet vouchers.
  • Use the My STC App.
  • Send an SMS with your data SIM balance.

You can easily renew or subscribe to your desired STC internet package using any of the above methods.


In conclusion, understanding STC Quicknet’s prepaid internet packages offers a variety of choices to suit your specific needs in Saudi Arabia. Whether you’re a first-time user starting with a new SIM or an existing customer looking to renew, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. With options ranging from using your credit card to purchasing Quicknet vouchers locally, staying connected has never been easier. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect internet package to stay online smoothly and efficiently.

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