Best Prepaid Mobile Plans in Saudi Arabia 2023

By Mohammed Ameen

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Prepaid Mobile Packages in Saudi Arabia – A Comparison

When it comes to staying connected in Saudi Arabia, consumers have a lot of prepaid mobile options. From unlimited data offers to cost-effective call rates, the choices are vast. To assist you in making an informed decision, here’s an overview of the best prepaid mobile plans available in Saudi Arabia as of October 2023.

STC Prepaid Plans

PackageDataSocial DataMinutesValidityPrice (Inc. VAT)
Sawa Basic1GB1GB100 Local Minutes4 WeeksSAR 34.50
Sawa Flex Basic1GB1GB100 Local and International Minutes4 WeeksSAR 40.25
Sawa Flex 655GB5GB300 Local and International Minutes4 WeeksSAR 74.75
Sawa Like4GB5GB500 Local Minutes4 WeeksSAR 74.75
Sawa Like Plus8GB8GB500 Local Minutes4 WeeksSAR 86.25
Sawa Flex 10020GB20GB500 Local and International Minutes4 WeeksSAR 115.00
Sawa Flex 15040GB40GB850 Local and International Minutes4 WeeksSAR 115
Sawa Share10GB15GBUnlimited STC Calls4 WeeksSAR 125.50
Sawa Share Plus25GB30GBUnlimited calls to STC and 500 minutes to other local networks4 WeeksSAR 132.25
Sawa Post Plus60GBUnlimitedUnlimited STC Minutes4 WeeksSAR 184
Sawa Flex 240100GBUnlimited1300 Local and International Minutes4 WeeksSAR 276.00
Sawa Star100GBUnlimitedUnlimited STC Minutes4 WeeksSAR 253
Sawa Star Plus100GBUnlimitedUnlimited Local Calls4 WeeksSAR 276.00
Sawa HeroUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited calls to all networks4 WeeksSAR 414.00
Sawa Flex 340100GB100GB1000 Local and International Minutes4 WeeksSAR 391

Mobily Prepaid Plans

PackageDataMinutesSocial DataPriceValidity
Mobily Prepaid 301 GB1001 GBSAR 304 weeks
Mobily Prepaid 755 + 3GB5005 + 3GBSAR 754 weeks
Mobily Prepaid 11010 + 15GB150015 + 15GBSAR 1104 weeks
Mobily Prepaid 15020 + 35GB3000UnlimitedSAR 1504 weeks
Mobily Prepaid 18050 + 31GBUnlimitedUnlimitedSAR 1804 weeks
Mobily Prepaid 220100 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedSAR 2204 weeks
Mobily Prepaid 360UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedSAR 343.484 weeks
Mobily Prepaid Weekly2 GB1002 GBSAR 257 days
Mobily Prepaid DailyUnlimited50UnlimitedSAR 201 day
Prepaid e-SIM 220100 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedSAR 1154 weeks

Zain Prepaid Plans

Zain Shabab Prepaid Plans

PackageDataMinutesSocial DataPriceValidity
Shabab 595GB400 Local minutes5GBSAR 594 Weeks
Shabab 9915GB1500 Local minutes20GBSAR 994 Weeks
Shabab 14930GB3000 Local minutesUnlimitedSAR 1494 Weeks
Shabab 17950GBUnlimitedUnlimitedSAR 1794 Weeks
Shabab 19995GBUnlimitedUnlimitedSAR 1994 Weeks

Zain Flex Prepaid Plans

PackageDataMinutesSocial DataPriceValidity
Zain Flex 291GB100 Flex Minutes1GBSAR 294 Weeks
Zain Flex 595GB300 Flex Minutes5GBSAR 594 Weeks
Zain Flex 9920GB500 Flex Minutes20GBSAR 994 Weeks
Zain Flex 13940GB800 Flex MinutesUnlimitedSAR 1394 Weeks
Zain Flex 229100GB1300 Flex MinutesUnlimitedSAR 2294 Weeks
Zain Flex 319100GB1000 Flex MinutesUnlimitedSAR 319
Note: For Zain, “Flex Minutes” can be used for either local calls or international calls, as preferred by the user.

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Virgin Mobile Prepaid Plans

PackageMinutesDataSocial DataPrice (Inc. VAT)Validity
Virgin 45200 Local minutes3GBSAR 51.754 Weeks
Virgin 70500 Local minutes15GBSAR 80.504 Weeks
Virgin 100750 Local minutes30GB10GBSAR 115.004 Weeks
Virgin 1502500 Local minutes40GBUnlimitedSAR 172.504 Weeks
Virgin 2155000 Local minutes80GBUnlimitedSAR 247.254 Weeks
Virgin 380Unlimited local minutesUnlimitedSAR 4374 Weeks

Friendi Prepaid Plans

PriceInternational CallNational Calls (All Networks)DataBonus Data (Social)Validity
12.99 SAR60 min1 GB7 Days
17.00 SAR120 min1 GB14 Days
29.99 SAR150 min3 GB3GB14 Days
43.00 SAR250 mins3 GB30 Days
43.50 SAR200 min5 GB3GB30 Days
43.48 SAR300 min3GB21 Days
70.00 SAR250 min20 GB15GB30 Days
85.00 SAR500 min25 GB25GB30 Days
90 SAR100 min100 min10 GB10GB30 Days
99 SAR700 min40 GB40GB30 Days
110 SAR1000 min25 GB15GB30 Days
319 SAR800 min100 GB90 Days
Note: The International call is available for the following countries: Sudan, Pakistan, Nepal, India, & Bangladesh.

Salam Prepaid Plans

PackageMinutesDataSocial DataPriceValidity
Solo 74450 Local minutes20GB20GBSAR 74.501 Month
Solo 149Unlimited59GBUnlimitedSAR 149.501 Month
Solo 179Unlimited79GBUnlimitedSAR 179.501 Month
Solo 1991800 Local minutes80GBUnlimitedSAR 199.001 Month
Solo infiniteUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedSAR 359.001 Month

RedBull Prepaid Plans

RedBull Mozaji Plans

PackageMinutesDataSocial DataPrice (Exc. VAT)Validity
Mazaji 60400 Local minutes6GB6GBSAR 6030 Days
Mazaji 80500 Local minutes25GB25GBSAR 8030 Days
Mazaji 120Unlimited local minutes40GBUnlimitedSAR 12030 Days
Mazaji 160+Unlimited local minutes65GBUnlimitedSAR 16030 Days
Mazaji 350+Unlimited local minutes150GBUnlimitedSAR 35030 Days
Mazaji 360+Unlimited local minutesUnlimitedSAR 36030 Days

RedBull Mazaji Flex Plans

PackageMinutesDataSocial DataPrice (Exc. VAT)Validity
Majazi Flex 65129 Local and International minutes4GB6GBSAR 6530 Days
Mazaji Flex 300700 Local and International minutes90GBUnlimitedSAR 30090 Days


With such a vast range of prepaid plans available, residents and visitors in Saudi Arabia can easily find a plan tailored to their needs. Whether it’s high-speed internet, international minutes, or cost-effective local calls, there’s something for everyone. Remember always to consider both your call and data needs when selecting the best plan for you.