Saudi Arabia Visitor SIM Packages 2023

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How to Easily Obtain a Visitor SIM Card in Saudi Arabia

Whether you are visiting Saudi Arabia for vacation, business, ziyara, Hajj, or Umrah, staying connected with friends and family is essential. This article will guide you through the process of obtaining a Visitor SIM card in Saudi Arabia, covering the available options, required documents, and how to acquire your SIM card hassle-free.

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Top Visitor SIM Packages from Popular Saudi Arabian Networks

STC-SAWA Visitor

The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) offers “Sawa Visitor” SIM cards tailored for visitors to Saudi Arabia, providing affordable packages starting with just SAR 40.25, which include 1-hour local and international minutes and 6GB of data with a 2-week validity. To acquire a Sawa Visitor SIM card, you can visit any STC branch in the country. Alternatively, you can book a number online by visiting the STC website: However, you must visit the STC office to activate the number upon your arrival in the kingdom.

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The inclusive international minutes can be used to call countries such as Yemen, Sudan, the Philippines, Egypt, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Indonesia, the UAE, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Nepal, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, China, and Malaysia.

Mobily Visitors Package

Mobily offers special telecom packages for pilgrims and visitors at great prices. These packages include various benefits like local and international call minutes and internet services. See the table below for detailed information on the Mobily Visitor Packages:

Normal Credit20 SAR
National Minutes20100200UL1000
Flex Minutes (Nat & Int)50200
International Minutes200
Data (GB)0.22 GB15 GB3 GB10 GB20 GB8 GB
Social Media (GB)10 GBULUL
International Credit10 SAR20 SAR60 SAR
Renewal Code (Send to 1100)only Pkg786278677863786678647865
Bundles Validity30 days30 days14 Days30 days30 days14 days30 days

International Minutes in Mobily Visitor Packages:

COUNTRYCalling RatesVisitor30Visitor40Visitor60Visitor100
Sri Lanka0.9910205161

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Zain, another renowned telecom company in Saudi Arabia, offers attractive Visitor SIM packages. Their packages start at 34.5 SAR and include 50 local minutes, 3 GB of data, and 1 GB of social media data with a two-week validity period.

Package NameMinutesDataValidityActivation CodePrice (15% VAT Inclusive)
Visitor 3050 Flex MINUTES3 GB + 1 GB Social Media Data 2 Weeks303034.5 SAR
Visitor 5015 GB 2 Weeks505057.5 SAR
Visitor 70150 Flex MINUTES5 GB + 5 GB Social Media Data 4 Weeks707080.5 SAR
Visitor 130350 MINUTES25 GB + Unlimited Social Media Data 4 Weeks1300149.5 SAR

Flex Minutes are available for both local and international calls, but international calls are limited to specific countries: Yemen, UAE, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Zain Sudan Network, India, and Egypt. To halt auto-renewal, send “CA” followed by the activation code to 959 (e.g., CA3030). To deactivate, text “C” along with the activation code (e.g., C3030).

Where to Obtain a Visitor SIM in Saudi Arabia

Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, you can conveniently acquire a visitor SIM card at the airport. All major Saudi mobile service providers have outlets located within the airport premises. Additionally, if you prefer to obtain your SIM card later, simply visit any of the service carriers’ outlets nationwide to choose the most suitable package for your needs.

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Documents and Procedures for Activating a SIM Card

To activate your SIM card in Saudi Arabia, you will need to provide the following documents:

Additionally, you will be required to give your fingerprints for biometric registration. Once you complete the registration process and pay for your chosen plan, your SIM card will be ready to use.


Obtaining a SIM card in Saudi Arabia as a visitor is a straightforward process, with several providers offering tailored packages to suit different needs. By following this guide and selecting the right package for your requirements, you can ensure that you stay connected with your loved ones during your trip to this fascinating country.