Overtime is limited to 720 hours per year: HRSD

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development specified the maximum number of overtime hours an employee can work in a calendar year.

The Ministry stated on its Labor education portal that overtime hours are limited to 720 per year and may increase with the worker’s approval.

According to Article 107 of the Labor Law and Ministerial Resolution No. (178743) dated 09/27/1440AH, the additional work hour is calculated at a rate equal to the hourly wage (overtime including allowances) plus 50% of the basic wage. Read: How to calculate overtime in Saudi Arabia

Without prejudice to any more severe penalties stipulated in another law, according to Paragraph 31 of the penalty regulations, the employer shall be fined 10,000 riyals, which will be multiplied by the number of employees, when the number of working hours exceeds what Article 98 stipulated without commissioning overtime work, the ministry added.