Traffic Penalty

How to Pay Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia Online

Pay Traffic Violations Online

It’s always a good idea to pay traffic violations on time. Each time you get a traffic violation in Saudi Arabia it will be recorded in your Iqama number in the MOI system. You should pay traffic violations within 30 days to avoid doubling the amount. If you have an unpaid traffic penalty on your Iqama, you will not be able to renew it or issue an exit re-entry visa or final exit visa. Here is how to pay traffic violations on Iqama through internet banking.

How to Pay Traffic Violations on Iqama by Internet Banking

Launch your internet banking account (any bank) here we are demonstrating with Al Rajhi online banking

Once you log in to your online banking, select “Payments” then “SADAD” and choose “MOI Payments”

Select “Traffic Violations

Select Transaction Type as “Payment”

Application Type as “Query by Civilian ID” or “Query by Violation ID”

Enter your Iqama Number in the “Violator ID” column.

You will be able to see the number of Traffic Violations on Iqama with violation numbers and amounts.

Click on “Confirm” and Complete the payment.

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