Saudi Arabia Fuel Prices

Saudi Aramco has announced the latest domestic fuel prices for the month of December 2022. Prices for gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and LPG have remained steady. Saudi Arabia has been offering subsidies for fuel for many years, but in recent years they have been slowly removing those subsidies. As a result, domestic fuel prices have increased.

However, the government has set a maximum cap for fuel prices and subsidies above the gap, halting price increases in recent months. Here is a look at the current fuel prices in Saudi Arabia:

Fuel Prices in Saudi Arabia: Dec 2022

Gasoline/Petrol Price in Saudi Arabia

  • Gasoline-91: SR 2.18
  • Gasoline-95: SR 2.33

Diesel Price in Saudi Arabia

  • Diesel: SR 0.63

Diesel is currently the cheapest option for fuel in Saudi Arabia. However, this is subject to change as the government continues to remove subsidies on domestic fuel prices.

Kerosene Price in Saudi Arabia

  • Kerosene: SR 0.81

LPG Price in Saudi Arabia

  • LPG: SR 0.90

Despite the recent increase, domestic LPG prices in Saudi Arabia remain relatively low compared to other countries in the region.

The Saudi government sets domestic fuel prices monthly, using a formula that considers global crude oil prices and other factors.

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