Current Fuel Prices in Saudi Arabia: An Overview

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A Snapshot of Fuel Prices in Saudi Arabia for March 2023

Saudi Aramco has revealed the updated domestic fuel prices for March 2023, with gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and LPG rates remaining stable. Although Saudi Arabia has long provided fuel subsidies, they have gradually been phasing them out, causing a rise in domestic fuel prices. To counteract this, the government has established a maximum cap for fuel prices and subsidies above the gap, preventing further increases in recent months.

Below, we present a summary of the current fuel prices in Saudi Arabia:

Fuel Prices in Saudi Arabia: March 2023

Gasoline/Petrol Prices in Saudi Arabia

  • Gasoline-91: SAR 2.18
  • Gasoline-95: SAR 2.33

Diesel Prices in Saudi Arabia

  • Diesel: SAR 0.75

Diesel remains the most affordable fuel option in Saudi Arabia. However, this may change as the government continues to phase out subsidies on domestic fuel prices.

Kerosene Prices in Saudi Arabia

  • Kerosene: SAR 0.81

LPG Prices in Saudi Arabia

  • LPG: SAR 0.90

Even with the recent price hikes, domestic LPG prices in Saudi Arabia are still comparatively low when contrasted with neighboring countries.

The Saudi government determines domestic fuel prices on a monthly basis, using a formula that takes into account global crude oil prices and other relevant factors.

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