Al Baik Restaurant Branches in Riyadh

Al Baik Restaurant

Al Baik is a famous fast food restaurant chain in Saudi Arabia. Al Baik recently began expanding its branches into the central region of Saudi Arabia. Last year, Al Baik announced it will open 7 branches in Riyadh. At this time 5 branches in Riyadh are functional and few are under construction.

Al Baik Branches in Riyadh

Following are the Al Baik branch locations in Riyadh

1 – Exit 33, Makkah Al Mukarama Road, Dahrat Laban, Riyadh

2 – Najm Ad Din Al Ayyubi Road, Tuwaiq, Riyadh

3 – Jeddah Road, Dahiat Namar, Riyadh 

4 – Al Hair Road, Al Aziziya, Riyadh

5 – Al Shifa, Riyadh

6 – Al Kharj Road, Riyadh

Upcoming Al Baik Branches in Riyadh

1- King Khaled International Airport Branch (under construction)

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