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SAPTCO Bus Ticket Prices for 2023

SAPTCO Ticket Price List 2023

SAPTCO, or Saudi Public Transport Company, is a leading provider of bus transportation services in Saudi Arabia, with routes connecting major cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. In this article, we will provide an overview of the latest SAPTCO bus ticket prices for 2023. Whether you are planning a short trip or a longer journey, this information will help you budget for your travel and choose the best option for your needs.

SAPTCO fares from Riyadh

  • Riyadh to Makkah (Al Haram): SAR 184
  • Riyadh to Jeddah (Al Corniche): SAR 219
  • Riyadh to Madinah: SAR 223
  • Riyadh to Abha: SAR 239
  • Riyadh to Abqaiq: SAR 92
  • Riyadh to Al Ahsa: SAR 72
  • Riyadh to Al Dawadmi: SAR 86
  • Riyadh to Dammam: SAR 92
  • Riyadh to Hail: SAR 159
  • Riyadh to Najran: SAR 224
  • Riyadh to Yanbu: SAR 269
  • Riyadh to Buraydah: SAR 92

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SAPTCO Bus fares from Jeddah

  • Jeddah to Riyadh (Al Aziziya): SAR 219
  • Jeddah to Makkah (Al Haram): SAR 20
  • Jeddah to Madinah: SAR 69
  • Jeddah to Dammam: SAR 302
  • Jeddah to Hail: SAR 187
  • Jeddah to Najran: SAR 230
  • Jeddah to Jazan: SAR 184
  • Jeddah to Yanbu: SAR 99

SAPTCO Bus ticket prices from Makkah

  • Makkah to Riyadh (Al Aziziya): SAR 184
  • Makkah to Jeddah: SAR 20
  • Makkah to Madinah: SAR 69
  • Makkah to Dammam: SAR 276
  • Makkah to Yanbu: SAR 112
  • Makkah to Jubail: SAR 308
  • Makkah to Najran: SAR 216
  • Makkah to Jazan: SAR 177

Fares from Madinah

  • Madinah to Riyadh: SAR 223
  • Madinah to Jeddah: SAR 69
  • Madinah to Makkah: SAR 69
  • Madinah to Dammam: SAR 315
  • Madinah to Hail: SAR 118
  • Madinah to Najran: SAR 299
  • Madinah to Jazan: SAR 253
  • Madinah to Yanbu: SAR 72

SAPTCO fares from Dammam

  • Dammam to Riyadh: SAR 92
  • Dammam to Jeddah: SAR 302
  • Dammam to Hail: SAR 251
  • Dammam to Najran: SAR 316
  • Dammam to Makkah: SAR 276
  • Dammam to Jazan: SAR 337
  • Dammam to Yanbu: SAR 361

Final Words

In conclusion, we hope you found this article helpful in finding the SAPTCO ticket price list for 2023 for bus travel between top Saudi cities. These fares provide an affordable and convenient transportation option for travelers in the kingdom. Whether you are planning a short trip or a longer journey, SAPTCO’s bus services offer a reliable and comfortable way to explore Saudi Arabia.

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