SAT (SAPTCO) Bus Ticket Price List 2024

By Mohammed Ameen

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SAPTCO SAT Ticket Price List 2024

SAPTCO (SAT) Ticket Price List 2024

In a significant shift in Saudi Arabia’s intercity bus landscape, SAT (Saptco Alsa Transportation) has taken over intercity routes formerly operated by SAPTCO, which discontinued its service last December. Now, SAT connects an expansive network of 106 cities through 27 routes, operating from 10 key stations. This article offers a clear and concise ticket price list for these destinations, facilitating easy and affordable travel planning for those accustomed to SAPTCO’s services and new travelers alike. Discover the convenience and efficiency of SAT for your next journey across Saudi Arabia.

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From Riyadh

DepartureDestinationTicket Price
RiyadhJeddahSAR 189.57
RiyadhAbhaSAR 261.74
RiyadhDammamSAR 99.13
RiyadhAl AhsaSAR 66.09
RiyadhAbhaSAR 261.74
RiyadhAfifSAR 119.13
RiyadhAl DawadmiSAR 60.87
RiyadhAl KharjSAR 23.48

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From Jeddah

DepartureDestinationTicket Price
JeddahRiyadhSAR 189.57

From Dammam

DepartureDestinationTicket Price
DammamAl AhsaSAR 31.30
DammamRiyadhSAR 99.13

From Al Ahsa

DepartureDestinationTicket Price
Al AhsaDammamSAR 31.30
Al AhsaRiyadhSAR 66.09

From Makkah

DepartureDestinationTicket Price
MakkahAbhaSAR 159.13

From Abha

DepartureDestinationTicket Price
AbhaMakkahSAR 159.13
AbhaTaifSAR 165.22
AbhaKhamis MushaytSAR 7.83

From Khamis Mushayt

DepartureDestinationTicket Price
Khamis MushaytNajranSAR 70.43
Khamis MushaytAbhaSAR 7.83
Khamis MushaytMakkahSAR 159.13

From Jazan

DepartureDestinationTicket Price
JazanMakkahSAR 159.13

From Najran

DepartureDestinationTicket Price
NajranSharurahSAR 71.30
NajranKhamis MushaytSAR 70.43
NajranRiyadhSAR 200.00

From Sharurah

DepartureDestinationTicket Price
SharurahNajranSAR 71.30
SharurahRiyadhSAR 219.13

In summary, SAT’s introduction into Saudi Arabia’s intercity bus network, particularly on routes formerly served by SAPTCO, brings a fresh and efficient travel option. Our comprehensive ticket price list is designed to assist you in planning your journeys affordably and conveniently. Whether you’re a regular commuter or an occasional traveler, SAT’s transparent and comprehensive ticket price list ensures that you have all the necessary information for a hassle-free travel experience.

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