SAT (SAPTCO) Bus Time Schedule 2024

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SAPTCO SAT Bus Time Schedule


SAT (SAPTCO Alsa for Transportation), a joint venture between SAPTCO and the Spanish company Alsa, operates 129 modern buses equipped with the latest systems and entertainment amenities. This guide brings you the latest SAT bus schedules, making your travel plans between the kingdom’s cities effortless.

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SAT Bus Time Schedule

From Riyadh

Riyadh to Jeddah

138106:00 AM06:00 PM12h945km
139510:00 PM10 AM (Next Day)12h945km
139902:00 AM02:00 PM12h945km

Riyadh to Dammam

076002:00 AM06:30 AM4h 30min400km
076206:00 AM10:30 AM4h 30min400km
076407:30 AM12:00 PM4h 30min400km
076810:30 AM03:00 PM4h 30min400km
077201:00 PM05:30 PM4h 30min400km
077603:00 PM07:30PM4h 30min400km
078005:30 PM10:00 PM4h 30min400km
078207:00 PM11:30 PM4h 30min400km
078809:00 PM01: 30 AM (Next Day)4h 30min400km
079211:00 PM03:30 AM (Next Day)4h 30min400km

Riyadh to Al Kharj

095009:00 AM10:00 AM1h85km
095203:00 PM04:00 PM1h85km
097011:00 AM12:00 PM1h85km
097215:30 PM16:30 PM1h85km

Riyadh to Al Dawadmi

236005:00 PM09:35 PM4h 35min325km

Riyadh to Afif

236005:00 PM11:47 PM6h 47min497km

Riyadh to Abha

241007:00 PM11:23 AM (Next Day)16h 23min1255km

From Makkah

Makkah to Abha

055410:00 AM07:57 PM9h 57min727km
055610:00 PM07:45 AM (Next Day)9h 57min727km
155905:00 PM03:14 AM (Next Day)9h 57min727km

Makkah to Jazan

089212:00 PM10:56 PM10h 56min727km

From Jeddah

Jeddah to Riyadh

138804:00 PM04:00 AM12h945km
139208:00 PM08:00 AM12h945km
139410:00 PM10:00 AM12h945km

From Dammam

Dammam to Al Ahsa

255204:00 PM06:07 PM2h 7min148km
095610:30 AM11:48 AM1h 18min78km
250106:00 AM08:17 AM2h 7min148km
250309:00 AM11:17 AM2h 7min148km
250511:00 AM01:17 PM2h 7min148km
250701:30 PM03:47 PM2h 7min148km
251707:00 PM09:17 PM2h 7min148km
098812:00 PM02:07 PM2h 7min148km
099007:00 PM09:07 PM2h 7min148km

Dammam to Riyadh

076306:00 AM12:00 PM6h428km
076710:30 AM04:30 PM6h428km
076911:00 PM05:00 AM (Next Day)6h428km
077501:00 PM07:00 PM6h428km
077903:00 PM09:00 PM6h428km
078104:00 PM10:00 PM6h428km
078505:30 PM11:30 PM6h428km
078701:00 AM07:00 AM6h428km
078907:00 PM01:00 AM (Next Day)6h428km
079309:00 PM03:00 AM (Next Day)6h428km
079907:30 AM01:30 PM6h428km

From Al Ahsa

Al Ahsa to Dammam

250009:30 AM12:08 PM2h 38min156km
250201:30 PM04:08 PM2h 38min156km
250805:30 PM08:08 PM2h 38min156km
251403:00 PM05:38 PM2h 38min156km
251610:30 PM01:08 AM (Next Day)2h 38min156km
255309:59 AM12:15 PM2h 16min168km
098901:53 PM03:44 PM2h 38min156km
099106:13 PM08:04 PM2h 38min156km
095706:28 AM08:49 AM2h 21min168km

Al Ahsa to Riyadh

227108:00 AM12:18 PM4h 18min332km
227311:00 AM03:18 PM4h 18min332km
227503:00 PM07:18 PM4h 18min332km
227708:30 PM12:48 AM (Next Day)4h 18min332km
227901:00 AM05:18 AM4h 18min332km

Al Ahsa to Khamis Mushait

255206:17 PM08:51 AM (Next Day) 14h 34min1334km
098802:17 PM05:30 AM (Next Day)15h 13min1334km
099009:17 PM12:25 PM (Next Day)15h 8min1334km

From Abha

Abha to Makkah

055511:00 AM09:23 PM9h 54min727km
055710:25 PM08:19 AM (Next Day)9h 54min727km
155803:34 PM01:58 AM (Next Day)9h 54min727km

Abha to Khamis Mushayt

055408:07 PM08:27 PM20min20km
155903:24 AM03:44 AM20min20km
098102:32 PM02:52 PM20min20km
098307:32 PM07:52 PM20min20km
098502:02 AM02:22 AM20min20km
098711:32 PM11:52 PM20min20km
094101:02 PM01:22 PM20min20km

Abha to Taif

090910:00 AM09:30 PM11h 30min867km

Abha to Jazan

098010:23 PM02:45 AM (Next Day)4h 22min227km
098401:04 PM05:26 PM4h 22min227km
098605:23 AM09:45 AM4h 22min227km
099209:58 AM02:20 PM4h 22min227km
094607:30 PM11:52 PM4h 22min227km

From Najran

Najran to Riyadh

095109:00 AM11:10 PM4h 10min1115km
095305:00 PM07:24 AM4h 10min1115km

Najran to khamis Mushayt

155811:00 AM02:54 PM3h 54min276km
093701:04 PM05:04 PM4h271km

Najran to Sharurah

093611:07 PM03:33 AM (Next Day)4h 16min340km

From Sharurah

Sharurah to Najran

093708:30 AM12:54 PM4h 24min340km

Sharurah to Riyadh

097110:00 AM12:58 AM (Next Day)14h 58min1144km
097307:00 PM09:48 AM (Next Day)14h 48min1144km

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In conclusion, SAT (SAPTCO Alsa for Transportation) has redefined intercity travel across Saudi Arabia, offering a seamless and efficient service that caters to a broad network of destinations. With the latest SAT bus time schedules provided in this guide, planning your journey between the kingdom’s cities has never been more straightforward or convenient.

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