Northwest Bus Routes & Ticket Prices List (Updated)

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Northwest Bus Fares List 2024

Until very recently, the buses in Saudi Arabia were primarily SAPTCO buses. However, Saudi Arabia has undergone significant changes in recent times, including its public transportation system. Now, there are many new players in the Saudi transportation sector, and one of them is Northwest Bus. The company provides services in the northern and western regions of Saudi Arabia, including Jeddah, Makkah, Riyadh, and Madinah. To assist you in managing your travel, we have collected the latest fares for different routes of Northwest Bus, along with their stops and locations.

Northwest Bus Routes and Fares

Riyadh to

RoutePrice (SAR)
Riyadh to Jeddah218
Riyadh to Madina208
Riyadh to Makkah184
Riyadh to Taif159

Makkah to

RoutePrice (SAR)
Makkah to Riyadh184
Makkah to Jeddah20
Makkah to Taif34
Makkah to Al Baha112
Makkah to Yanbu96

Taif to

RoutePrice (SAR)
Taif to Riyadh159
Taif to Makkah34
Taif to Al Baha75
Taif to Jeddah71

Madinah to

RoutePrice (SAR)
Madina to Riyadh208
Madina to Jeddah68
Madina to Tabuk183
Madina to Hail110
Madina to Al Ula109
Madina to Yanbu68

Jeddah to

RoutePrice (SAR)
Jeddah to Riyadh218
Jeddah to Makkah20
Jeddah to Madina68
Jeddah to Yanbu88
Jeddah to Taif71
Jeddah to Tabuk237
Jeddah to Al Baha142
Jeddah to Hail202
Jeddah to Al Ula160

Yanbu to

RoutePrice (SAR)
Yanbu to Jeddah88
Yanbu to Madina68
Yanbu to Tabuk162
Yanbu to Makkah96

Al Ula to

RoutePrice (SAR)
Al Ula to Jeddah160
Al Ula to Madina109
Al Ula to Tabuk83
Al Ula to Hail99

Al Baha to

RoutePrice (SAR)
Al Baha to Jeddah142
Al Baha to Taif75
Al Baha to Makkah112

Hail to

RoutePrice (SAR)
Hail to Jeddah202
Hail to Al Ula99
Hail to Madina110

Tabuk to

RoutePrice (SAR)
Tabuk to Jeddah237
Tabuk to Yanbu162
Tabuk to Al Ula83
Tabuk to Madina183

Northwest Bus Branches and Stops

We have also collected the bus stops in each region and their Google Maps locations for your convenience. Below are the stops of Northwest Bus and links to their Google Maps locations.










Al Bahah

How to Book Tickets

To book your ticket, visit Northwest Bus Booking. For checking your ticket status, head over to Northwest Ticket Status Page and provide your ID or ticket number.

In conclusion, this simple guide is intended to help you plan your upcoming trip. By understanding the latest fares and bus stops, you can easily manage your trip and save time. We hope this article helps.

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