Riyadh-Makkah Bus 2024: Timings & Ticket Price List

By Mohammed Ameen

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Are you planning a trip from Riyadh to Makkah or vice versa? Northwest BUS is an excellent choice, operating several buses on this route with online ticket booking available. This article provides an overview of the bus timetable, ticket prices, and other relevant information for both Riyadh to Makkah and Makkah to Riyadh journeys.

Riyadh to Makkah

The Riyadh to Makkah (Almaasam) bus route, exclusive to Muslim passengers, operates daily. The schedule and ticket prices are provided below.

07:00 AM07:57 PM12hrs 57minSAR 184
09:00 AM08:27 PM11hrs 27minSAR 184
12:00 PM12:57 AM12hrs 57minSAR 184
02:00 PM01:16 AM11hrs 16minSAR 194
04:00 PM03:27 AM11hrs 27minSAR 194
06:00 PM06:57 AM12hrs 57minSAR 184
08:30 PM07:57 AM11hrs 27minSAR 194
10:00 PM09:27 AM11hrs 27minSAR 194

Makkah to Riyadh

Here is the bus timetable and ticket prices for the route from Makkah (Almaasam) to Riyadh; the bus operates daily.

08:05 AM09:02 PM12hrs 35minSAR 184
10:10 AM09:55 PM11hrs 21minSAR 194
11:55 AM12:52 AM12hrs 35minSAR 184
01:56 PM01:40 AM11hrs 21minSAR 194
05:25 PM05:10 AM11hrs 21minSAR 194
06:25 PM07:22 AM12hrs 35minSAR 184
08:55 PM08:40 AM11hrs 21minSAR 194
11:25 PM11:10 AM11hrs 21minSAR 194

Ticket Booking

You can book Northwest BUS tickets by visiting their website https://booking.nwbus.sa/online/ or calling their number +966 920020590.

Changes and Cancellations

Ticket changes are free, with only a difference in fare charged if applicable. Cancellation fees are as follows: 5% if canceled 48 hours prior to departure, 30% within 48 to 24 hours, and non-refundable within 24 hours or in case of no-show post-departure.

In conclusion, Northwest BUS offers a convenient and efficient service for travelers between Riyadh and Makkah, with easy online booking. This guide covers all the essential details, like bus schedules and ticket prices, to help you plan your journey smoothly.