How to Register for Hajj 2024 for Domestic Pilgrims

By Mohammed Ameen

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Domestic Hajj 2024

The spiritual journey of Hajj is a profound experience every Muslim dreams of undertaking. With the announcement from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah regarding the registration for the domestic Hajj 2024, it’s time to prepare for this sacred pilgrimage. Here’s a straightforward guide to help you register and understand the different packages available, ensuring a smooth process for your spiritual journey.

Starting Your Hajj Journey

Registration and Fees: The registration for the Hajj 2024 has begun, with four distinct packages designed to cater to different needs and budgets. The fees for these packages range from SAR 4,099 to SAR 13,265, inclusive of Value-Added Tax (VAT). It’s important to note that these costs do not cover transportation to and from Makkah.

How to Apply

Saudi citizens and expatriates residing in the Kingdom can apply for Hajj through two platforms:

Nusuk app for Hajj 2024 registration

Understanding the Packages

Package 1: Priced at SAR 10,366.10, this package offers high-end service camps designed for a comfortable Hajj experience. Please note that transportation costs to and from Makkah are additional.

Package 2: With a fee of SAR 8,092.55, this package includes accommodation in hospitality camps located in Mina. Transportation costs, similar to Package 1, will be extra.

Package 3: The most premium option at SAR 13,265.25, offering accommodation in one of the six towers close to the Jamarat Bridge. This package ensures proximity and convenience, with transportation via the Mashair train between the Holy Sites.

Package 4: Aimed at providing an economic option at SAR 4,099.75, this package includes basic services and transportation from Makkah to Mina and back on buses, along with Mashair train rides during Tashreeq days.

Additional Transportation Costs

Transportation is a crucial part of your Hajj journey, and it’s handled differently across packages:

  • Packages 1 & 2: Transportation costs to and from Makkah are added separately. Additionally, transportation within the Holy Sites (Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah) via Mashair train or buses is determined by your camp’s location.
  • Package 3: Exclusively uses the Mashair train for transportation between the Holy Sites.
  • Package 4: Transportation from your residence in Makkah to Mina and for the stoning ritual at Jamarat is arranged via buses and the Mashair train on Tashreeq days.

Getting Support and Assistance

For any inquiries or additional assistance, pilgrims can reach out to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah directly. You can send your questions via email to [email protected], or for more immediate assistance, contact the Pilgrims Care Center at 1966 if you’re within the Kingdom. For those inside and outside the Kingdom, the unified number to call is 920002814. Additionally, the Ministry is active on X (formerly Twitter), and you can interact with their beneficiary care account @MOHU_Care for support and updates.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right package depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the level of comfort you seek during this spiritual journey. Each package is designed to cater to the diverse needs of pilgrims, ensuring that everyone can fulfill their pilgrimage with peace and devotion. Remember, the journey of Hajj is not just a physical journey but a spiritual one that requires preparation, contemplation, and a deep commitment to faith.