How to authenticate Ejar rental contracts via Absher


The Ejar system was introduced by the Ministry of Housing and made it mandatory for all real estate firms to join its electronic Ijar system that seeks to regulate the rental market with measures to protect the rights of landlords and tenants, and control rents.

The system defines the rights of tenants and landlords by having both parties sign a rental agreement via the Ijar network.

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, rent contract registration with electronic Ejar system is mandatory for the issuance and renewal of work permits for non-Saudis.

Here is the procedure on how to authenticate Ejar rental contracts though Absher

Once your landlord (Building owner) sends a request through Absher,

  • Visit and login
  • Select “eServices” from the top menu
  • Select “Ministry of Housing” from the left menu bar
  • Click on “Authenticate Rental Contracts

Here you will find a new window for Authenticate Rental Contracts

Click on Continue

In the new window, you will get a rental contract approval request from your landlord (Building Owner). Click on the View button to read and save the contract. Once saved, click on the accept button

After verifying the contract, click on “Confirm” to accept the contract. Upon completion, you will receive a successful message on the screen.