Saudi Labor Law

Working Hours in Saudi Arabia

Working Hours in Saudi Arabia as per Labor Law

As per the labor law, working hours in KSA are 8 hours daily and 48 hours per week.

During the month of Ramadan, working hours in the Kingdom are reduced to six hours a day and 36 hours a week for Muslim workers.

For jobs involving “intermittent works” working hours shall not exceed 10 hours/day. This is reduced to 8 hours/day during Ramadan.

For those who are employed as Guards and Janitors, working hours shall not exceed 12 hours/day. This is reduced to 10 hours/day during Ramadan.

As per labor law the overtime rates are 150% of the hourly wage.

Friday is the weekly rest day which may be replaced with any other day of the week.

30 minutes rest period during work day shoud be provided and the worker shall not be made to work for more than 5 hours continuously. In no case, total working hours should be 12 hours per day.

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