Iqama Renewal Fees for Workers and Dependents

Iqama Renewal Fees for Workers and Dependents (2021)

This article discusses how much money is required to renew Saudi Arabia's Iqama in 2020.
Calculate Expat Dependent Fees - Expat Family Levy in Saudi Arabia - Dependent Levy Calculator Online

How to Calculate Expat Dependent Fees in Saudi Arabia?.

Expat Dependent Levy or Expat Family Fee Paying Expat Dependent Fees is mandatory for all family members under a resident expatriate, including wife, male and...
Shoura Council in Saudi Arabia calls to Freeze Expat Fees for 2020

Shoura Calls for Freezing Expat Fees for 2020

The Shoura Council of Saudi Arabia called for a study to freeze expat fees for businesses and dependent fees on expatriates for 2020, local media...

No Change in Expat Fee

The Ministry of Labor and Social Developments informs through their official twitter channel, information circulating in social media that claims "plan to revoke dependents’ fee"...

Expat Dependent Fee Increases to Sr 200 Per Month From 01-July-2018

The expat dependent fee, introduced by Saudi Arabia in 2017, is linked with a renewal of iqama or issuance of exit and re-entry visa...




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