Foreign Students in Saudi Can Now Work Part-Time and Invite Family

By Mohammed Ameen

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Foreign Students in Saudi Can Now Work Part-Time and Invite Family

Saudi Arabia is now permitting those with long-term student visas to engage in part-time employment within the country. This significant change will allow international students to offset their costs of living and potentially make studying in Saudi Arabia more financially accessible. This update was disclosed by Dr. Sami Al Hissouni, the director of the Education Visa Initiative, during his interview on the ‘Ya Hala’ program, broadcast on the ‘Rotana Khalijia’ channel. Adding to this, Dr. Al Hissouni highlighted that students are also allowed to bring their families to reside with them throughout their period of study in Saudi Arabia.

A long-term study visa in Saudi Arabia is valid for one year or more, and depending on the academic program and the offering university, it might be extended for an additional six months. This visa flexibility is part of the ‘Study in Saudi‘ initiative, under which foreign students are welcome to enroll in all types of educational institutions, whether government-run or private. This initiative supports education at all levels, including Masters and Doctorate degrees, paving the way for a broad spectrum of opportunities for international scholars.

The recent launch of the education visa service, a collaborative effort by the Saudi Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs, marks a significant milestone. It aligns with the ‘Human Capacity Development Program’, a component of the kingdom’s ambitious ‘Vision 2030‘ goals which include a focus on education.

The overarching goal is to bolster Saudi Arabia’s stature as a global hub for education. With more than 70,000 international students already pursuing various courses across public and private universities, this number is expected to increase significantly as the visa process becomes more streamlined and transparent. This not only promises to elevate the standing of Saudi universities on the global stage but also to intensify healthy competition in education. Moreover, Saudi Arabia’s contributions to disseminating knowledge and teaching the Arabic language are set to expand significantly.

This initiative opens a world of possibilities for foreign students, offering them a unique blend of academic pursuit and cultural immersion. By facilitating part-time work opportunities and family accompaniment, Saudi Arabia is not just focusing on education but also on creating a holistic and enriching experience for international students. This progressive step is likely to attract a diverse pool of talent, contributing to the kingdom’s vision of becoming a leading educational and cultural hub in the region and beyond.