SR 100 Fine for Speaking Loudly in Public Places

By Mohammed Ameen

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shouting in public fines saudi arabia

Saudi authorities to impose a fine of SR 100 on anyone who raises his voice in public places in a way that hurts others.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Decorum law states that uttering a voice or doing an act in public places that harms or intimidates visitors or exposes them to danger is considered a violation of public decency, and a fine of SR 100 is imposed on the violator for the first time offence.

The violations included shouting in public places, causing harm to people, disturbing them and causing them inconvenience in a way that violates public decorum.

According to Saudi public decorum law, men and women must dress modestly and refrain from using vulgar language or gestures. The offences of public decency include things like littering, spitting, taking photographs and videos of individuals without their permission, and playing music during prayer times.