Revised Taxi Fares in Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

Updated on:


Saudi Arabia has decided to revise the taxi fares. According to the Public Transportation Authority (PTA), taxi vehicles in the Kingdom will now have a minimum charge of SR 10. The meter will start with an SR 05.50, and after that, there will be a charge of SR 1.08 per kilometer. The waiting charge will be 80 Halalas per minute.

If the speed is 20 km/h or lower due to traffic conditions or passenger demand, the passengers will have to pay 80 Halalas per minute as a waiting charge. 

From Sunday to Thursday, between 12 Midnight and 6 AM, the meter will start with SR 10 instead of SR 5.50. The same charge will be applicable on Friday and Saturday between 02:00 AM. and 06:00 AM.     

The above charges are applicable to taxis that can accommodate up to four people. Fares for taxi vehicles that can accommodate five or more people will be slightly higher. For those vehicles, meter charges will start with SR 06.00 and per kilometer charge will be SR 02.00 and the waiting charge will be 90 Halalas per minute. 

The Public Transportation Authority said taxi fares would be revised every five years.