How To Report Scammer Number In Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

Updated on:

CITC urges users to report fraudulent messages by resending them to the toll-free number 330330

Saudi Arabia’s Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has urged all mobile users not to respond to fraudulent text messages (SMS) and to report them by re-sending them to a toll-free number 330330.

The CITC explained that users might receive these text messages from unknown numbers claiming to be from a local bank, investment, commercial, or postal agency, informing them that they have won a financial prize, requesting an update of their data, or notifying them of the arrival of a postal shipment and requesting payment of sums and financial dues.

The authority revealed that during April 2021, they received over 63,000 reports of fraudulent messages submitted by users in the Kingdom via a dedicated toll-free number (330330). Emphasizing its full commitment to addressing these communications and implementing necessary measures in collaboration with service providers and appropriate authorities. Also Read: Riyadh police arrest six Bangladeshis for dealing fraudulent SIM cards

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Additionally, the authority indicated that it had implemented a series of proactive measures to reduce fraudulent text messages, including activating a smart filtering system that enables the proactive blocking of such messages before their delivery to users. See: How to send a message on Whatsapp without adding contact