How to withdraw deposited funds on Iqama

Refund Procedure for Iqama Funds

You need to deposit funds on Iqama in order to obtain various services offered by Jawazat, such as issuing exit re-entry permits, issuing and renewing driver’s licenses, and so on. You can deposit funds to iqama using an ATM or internet banking. If you want to refund your deposit from Iqama later, you can do so through ATM and Internet Banking channels. However, withdrawals are only permitted to the same bank account from which you funded.

Refund MOI Iqama Funds

You can refund MOI Iqama funds through ATM, Internet Banking or Mobile Banking




Select “REFUND” as the transaction type.

Next, select the service (which service you have paid the money for) (Example: Iqama Renewal, Sponsorship Transfer, Exit/ Re-Entry, Profession Change ..etc)

Enter your “IQAMA NUMBER”.

“SUBMIT” the request

After successful submission, you will see a confirmation message with a transaction number on your screen. Make a note of the transaction number for future use.

Once you have successfully submitted a refund request, it may take up to 3 business days for your bank account to be credited.

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