Understanding GOSI: A Comprehensive Guide

By Mohammed Ameen

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The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) is a cornerstone of social security in Saudi Arabia, offering a wide range of insurance and social security services to its citizens and expatriates. Established in 1973, GOSI has significantly contributed to the social welfare of the Saudi population by providing financial security and medical care benefits. This article aims to demystify GOSI, making its operations, benefits, and obligations clear and accessible to everyone.

What is GOSI?

GOSI, or the General Organization for Social Insurance, is a governmental agency in Saudi Arabia tasked with the provision of social insurance services. Since its inception, GOSI has been at the forefront of integrating information technology to streamline its services, offering various electronic services like online insurance, social security, e-payment, and more. These services ensure efficient and user-friendly interactions with GOSI, emphasizing convenience and accessibility.

Key Services and Benefits Offered by GOSI

GOSI is instrumental in implementing compulsory insurance coverage, which includes collecting contributions from employers and disbursing benefits to eligible contributors or their family members. This scheme is vital for workers in the private and some public sectors, providing a safety net in cases of retirement, disability, or death. Additionally, GOSI covers medical care for contributors suffering from work injuries or occupational diseases and offers compensation for occupational disabilities or death.

GOSI Online

Launched in mid-2005, GOSI Online represents a significant leap towards digitalization, allowing beneficiaries to conduct transactions online. This platform, alongside System-to-System channels, caters to the needs of large corporations, facilitating direct e-transactions with GOSI systems. These advancements underscore GOSI’s commitment to utilizing cutting-edge security technologies, including digital certificates and electronic signatures, to safeguard users’ data.

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Understanding GOSI Contributions

Contributions to GOSI vary between Saudi nationals and expatriates, reflecting the organization’s inclusive approach to social insurance.

For Saudi Nationals

  • Total Contribution: 21.50%, with the employer’s contribution at 11.75% and the employee’s at 9.75%.
  • Employer’s Breakdown:
    • Unemployment Contribution: 0.75%
    • Retirement Contribution: 9%
    • Compensation and Disability Plan: 2%
  • Employee’s Contribution:
    • Unemployment: 0.75%
    • Retirement: 9%

For Expatriates

  • Employers pay a 2% GOSI contribution, with no direct contribution required from expatriate employees.

Calculation Base and Limits

GOSI contributions are calculated on the basic salary plus housing allowance, with a maximum base amount set at SAR 45,000. This means that if an employee’s earnings exceed this threshold, contributions are capped at the set maximum.

Payment and Invoicing

Companies are responsible for deducting employee contributions through payroll and then paying the combined amount to GOSI using the SADAD platform via online banking. Invoices and detailed breakdowns of contributions can be generated through the GOSI portal, with a payment deadline set for the 15th of the following month.

Benefits for Expatriates

Expatriates in Saudi Arabia are eligible for benefits under GOSI, including occupational hazard benefits and permanent disability benefits, funded entirely by employer contributions. These benefits are designed to provide expatriates with support in the event of work-related injuries or disabilities, ensuring their well-being and financial security.

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Common Questions Answered

Who is eligible for GOSI coverage?

All employees working in the private and public sectors in Saudi Arabia are eligible for GOSI coverage. This includes Saudi nationals and expatriates.

What benefits does GOSI provide?

GOSI provides several benefits, including retirement pensions, disability pensions, death benefits, unemployment compensation, and compensation for work-related injuries.

How are contributions to GOSI calculated?

Contributions to GOSI are calculated as a percentage of the employee’s salary. The rates vary depending on the specific insurance program, with contributions made by both the employer and the employee.

How to Obtain a GOSI Certificate?

A GOSI certificate, which details a contributor’s wages and tenure, can be obtained through the GOSI e-Service portal, simplifying the process for users.

Can expatriates benefit from GOSI?

Yes, expatriates working in Saudi Arabia are covered by GOSI for occupational hazards. However, they are not eligible for pension benefits, which are reserved for Saudi nationals.

How do I register for GOSI?

Registration for GOSI is typically handled by the employer. Employers are responsible for enrolling their employees in the GOSI program and making the necessary contributions.

What happens to my GOSI contributions if I leave my job?

If you leave your job, your GOSI contributions remain in your account. Saudi nationals can access their pension benefits upon reaching retirement age, while expatriates can receive end-of-service benefits based on their contributions for occupational hazards.

What is a GOSI number?

It is a unique identifier assigned to individuals registered with the GOSI, used to track social insurance contributions and benefits. It is essential for both Saudi nationals and expatriates, managed by employers to ensure proper social insurance coverage.

What is the retirement age for receiving GOSI pension benefits?

The retirement age for receiving GOSI pension benefits is 60 years for men and 55 years for women. Early retirement options are available under certain conditions.

How can I check my GOSI contributions and benefits?

You can check your GOSI contributions and benefits by logging into your account on the GOSI website or through the GOSI mobile app. This platform allows you to view your contribution history, benefits, and other important information.


GOSI stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to social welfare and security, offering comprehensive insurance and social security services to its citizens and expatriates. With its robust digital platforms and wide array of services, GOSI not only simplifies the management of social insurance contributions but also ensures that individuals and their families are supported during times of need. Whether you are an employer, a Saudi national, or an expatriate, understanding and engaging with GOSI can provide significant benefits and peace of mind.