CHI Sets Maximum Fees for Doctor Consultations

By Mohammed Ameen

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Maximum Fees for Doctor Consultations

Saudi Council of Health Insurance Standardises Doctor Consultation Fees

The Saudi Council of Health Insurance has fixed maximum fees for doctor consultations. In a statement, the council disclosed the maximum consultation fees for general physicians, specialist consultants, and specialists in rare disciplines.

The Council made a formal announcement where they detailed the fixed fee structure. The general doctors, often referred to as the ‘first deputy physicians’ here, can now bill for their consultation in the range of SAR100 to SAR150. On the other hand, the specialist doctors or the ‘second deputy physicians’ who have expertise in particular medical areas, their charges are restricted between SAR200 and SAR300.

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Doctor CategoryConsultation Fee (SAR)
General Physician (First Deputy)100 – 150
Specialist Consultant (Second Deputy)200 – 300
Specialist in a Rare Discipline400

In special cases where a patient wishes to consult with a specialist from a field that’s not widely available, the fee can go up to a maximum of SAR400. This move is particularly beneficial as it ensures even the most niche medical specialities remain accessible for everyone, and it avoids any undue price hike in such specialised domains.

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