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How To Renew And Print Al Rajhi Bank ATM Cards At Kiosk

You can now renew and print your Al Rajhi Bank ATM cards at self-service kiosks. Al Rajhi Self Service Kiosks can be found throughout the kingdom. These kiosks are very popular because they are easy to use. Customers can complete transactions in minutes without waiting in long lines or interacting with a teller. This allows customers to get their work done any time of the day, which is very convenient. This article explains how to renew and print your Al Rahji Bank ATM card (mada card) through a self-service kiosk without visiting the bank branch.

Step-by-Step Process of Al Rajhi Bank Mada Card Renewal through Self-Service Kiosk

Visit your nearest Al-Rajhi Bank self-service kiosk.

Insert your ATM card.

Select “English.”

Enter your ATM PIN.

On the home screen, tap the “Print Al Rajhi Mada Card” option. 

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Print Al Rajhi Mada Card, Al Rajhi ATM Card Renewal through Kiosk

Tap on “Renew/Replace Al Rajhi Mada Card.”

Enter the four-digit secret code you received via SMS on your registered mobile number.

The kiosk will then ask you to remove your old card. Take your old card and wait for the new one to be printed.

The progress of card printing will be displayed on the screen as a percentage chart.

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Al Rajhi Mada Card Printing at Kiosk, Al Rajhi ATM cArd Renewal

Collect your new card from the kiosk. 

You have to go to an Al-Rajhi Bank ATM to activate the new card and set up a new PIN number.

How to Activate New Al Rajhi Bank Mada Card through ATM

Go to any Al-Rajhi Bank ATM near you and insert your new card.

Select English.

Enter your old Mada Card PIN.

Click on any option.

You will be asked to enter a 4-digit secret code received on your registered mobile number. Enter it.  

Enter your new PIN. (It should be four digits)

Reenter your new PIN.

Success! You will see a message that says, “Your new ATM card is ready to be used with the PIN that you have just entered.”


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