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Things to Know About Premium Residency in Saudi Arabia

Premium Residency

The Premium Residency, commonly referred to as the Saudi Green Card, is a type of residence permit in Saudi Arabia that entitles expatriates to live, work, and own businesses and property without the need for a sponsor. There are two types of premium residencies:

Unlimited Duration Premium Residency

Saudi Arabia issues an unlimited duration premium residency permit in accordance with Saudi law, upon meeting the required criteria and paying a one-time fee of SR 800,000

Limited Duration Premium Residency

After meeting the appropriate conditions and paying an annual fee of SR100,000, the kingdom issues a one-year premium residency permit in compliance with the premium residency Saudi Law.

Required documents for Premium Residency

The following are the documents required to obtain a premium residency permit in Saudi Arabia:

  • Saudi Residence Number: If the applicant is currently residing in the kingdom or has previously resided in the kingdom.
  • Bank Statement: Statements must be stamped from the bank for the last two years.
  • Current Address: With a scanned copy of your current proof of residency (services bill or the national address page).
  • Wife and Children Information: (if the applicant is married and has children).
  • A scanned copy of the documents or certificate of ownership certified by the accreditation authorities.
  • Recent Salary Identification: stamped by the employer and certified by the Chamber of Commerce if the employer is within the Kingdom.
  • A scanned copy of the title deed or real estate ownership document certified by the Accreditation Authority.
  • A scanned copy of the loan certificate from the lender, bank guarantees (if there is an existing loan).
  • A scanned copy of the audited financial statements from the Chartered Accountant indicating the name of the owners of the shares or units, or certificates proving the ownership of the shares approved by the concerned authorities.
  • The documents must be submitted in Arabic or English, otherwise a certified translation of the documents should be provided.
  • Photographs of the applicant and the family.
  • Passport Information: A scanned copy of the first page of the passport of the applicant and his family, and scanned copies of pages that have the visa to Saudi Arabia in the last 15 years (if the applicant is within or has visited the Kingdom).

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