Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah Entry Guidelines: 10-Minute Limit and Annual Permit Rules

By Mohammed Ameen

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New Guidelines for Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah Visits: 10-Minute Limit and Annual Permit Restrictions

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has stressed that approval of the instructions for entering to pray in Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah is required before issuing the permit through the “Nusuk” application.

Before issuing a permit through the Nusuk application, worshippers must agree to the entry instructions. These instructions stipulate a 10-minute prayer limit to facilitate access for others. It is necessary to confirm the appointment when booking the permit, arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time, and be present within the Haram premises 30 minutes before the appointment.

The authority emphasized the importance of canceling the permit well in advance if the holder cannot visit at the specified time, allowing others to benefit. Failure to cancel the permit will result in the inability to obtain another permit for a full year.

The instructions also pointed out that the barcode provided for the appointment can only be used once. Worshippers must adhere to the specified time and show the barcode at the gate for entry, as access will not be granted without it.

These measures aim to streamline the process and ensure that more worshippers can experience the spiritual significance of praying in Al-Rawdah Al-Sharifah.