Newly Arrived Expat Drivers Can Drive with Foreign Licenses – Here’s How

By Mohammed Ameen

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Expat Drivers Can Drive with Foreign License: Key Rules

The Saudi Traffic Department (Muroor) has recently announced important guidelines for expatriates employed as drivers. These regulations outline the conditions under which foreign drivers can legally drive in Saudi Arabia using a license issued from their home country. Understanding these conditions is crucial for ensuring compliance with local laws and avoiding any potential legal issues.

Key Conditions for Driving with a Foreign License

  1. Valid License from Country of Origin:
    • Expats employed as drivers are permitted to use a valid driving license from their home country. However, this is only valid for a period not exceeding three months from the date of entry into Saudi Arabia. This grace period allows new drivers to obtain a driving license in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Certified License Translation:
    • A translated copy of the foreign driving license must be provided. This translation should be done by an approved authority to ensure accuracy and validity.
  3. License Compatibility with Vehicle Type:
    • It is essential that the type of driving license held by the driver corresponds to the type of vehicle being driven. For instance, if the driver is operating a four wheel vehicle, their foreign license must specifically authorize them to drive such a vehicle.

Why These Conditions Matter

These regulations are in place to maintain road safety and ensure that all drivers are adequately qualified to operate their vehicles under Saudi traffic laws. The new rule allows freshly recruited expat drivers to start their job right after they arrive in the Kingdom without needing to wait until obtaining a driving license in Saudi Arabia.

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Steps to Comply

  • Verify License Validity: Ensure that your foreign driving license is still valid and recognized in Saudi Arabia.
  • Get Your License Translated: Contact an accredited translation service to translate your driving license. Keep both the original and translated copies with you while driving.
  • Check Vehicle Compatibility: Confirm that your license is suitable for the type of vehicle you will be driving in Saudi Arabia.

Final Thoughts

The Saudi Traffic Department’s regulations for expat drivers are straightforward but essential. By following these conditions, expatriates can drive legally and safely in Saudi Arabia. If you are an expat employed as a driver, make sure to understand and comply with these guidelines to ensure a smooth driving experience in the Kingdom.