Updated Nitaqat Policy: Newly Hired Saudis Gain Immediate Status

By Mohammed Ameen

Updated on:

New Nitaqat Policy

Immediate Benefits for Newly Hired Saudis in the Private Sector

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) has made a new rule to help Saudi workers and businesses in the private sector. Starting May 1, the updated Nitaqat policy allows new Saudi workers to be counted as Saudi employees immediately. This will be helpful for both new workers and green sector companies that follow the Wage Protection Program.

New Policy Implementation

The new Nitaqat policy is for companies that have been using the Wage Protection Program for over six months and those that recently became green category companies. With this new rule, companies won’t have to wait to change their category.

What It Means for New Saudi Workers

New Saudi workers in private companies will be counted as Saudi employees immediately, giving them a better and safer place to work. The new rule will also make it easier for Saudis to get jobs in private companies, helping the country reach its Saudization goals.

Advantages for Green Sector Companies

Green sector companies that follow the Wage Protection Program will also benefit from this new rule. By counting new Saudi workers right away, these companies can better follow the rules and keep their green category status. This will make the business world in the Kingdom more competitive and sustainable.

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