March 2024 Deadline: How to Clear Abandoned Vehicles from Records

By Mohammed Ameen

Published on:

Remove Abandoned Vehicles from Your Record Before the March 2024 Deadline

In a recent announcement, Saudi Arabia’s traffic department issued a directive for vehicle owners regarding the removal of abandoned vehicles from official records. This initiative aims to improve the urban landscape of the kingdom’s cities and regions. Here’s a simple breakdown of what you need to know and how to comply with this directive.

Deadline for Deregistration

Owners of abandoned vehicles registered in their names are required to initiate the removal process before March 1, 2024. This step is crucial to avoid any financial liabilities associated with the continued registration of vehicles no longer in use.

How to Proceed

The process for removing a vehicle from your name is straightforward and can be initiated online, making it convenient for everyone. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Online Process: The traffic department has facilitated this process through the Absher platform; you can find the nearest authorized center (scrapyard) and submit a request through your Absher account.
  2. Vehicle and Plates Submission: In addition to the online process, vehicle owners are required to physically hand over the vehicle and its number plates at an authorized center. This step is essential for the completion of the deregistration process.
  3. Confirmation of Receipt: After submitting the vehicle and its plates, vehicle owners will receive a verification code on their mobile phones. They need to provide this code to the center to confirm the vehicle’s submission.
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In conclusion, by following the simple steps provided by the traffic department and utilizing the Absher platform, vehicle owners in Saudi Arabia can easily remove abandoned vehicles from their records before the March 2024 deadline. This initiative not only contributes to the cleanliness and aesthetics of the urban landscape but also ensures that vehicle owners are free from any potential liabilities associated with unused vehicles. Take action now to comply with this directive and contribute to a more organized and visually appealing environment.