Exit/Re-Entry Visas Cannot Be Changed: Jawazat

By Mohammed Ameen

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In a recent clarification that aims to simplify visa processes and ensure compliance, the Saudi Directorate General for Passports (Jawazat) has reveled important guidelines regarding the handling of exit/re-entry visas. Here’s a simplified breakdown of what you need to know.

No Changes to Issued Exit/Re-Entry Visas

Jawazat has made it clear that once an exit/re-entry visa has been issued, it cannot be altered. For individuals who find themselves needing to change their visa, there is a specific procedure to follow: the current visa must first be canceled. Only after this cancellation can a new request be made.

Clearing Traffic Fines Before Visa Issuance

An additional requirement set forth by Jawazat is the settlement of all outstanding traffic fines before an exit/re-entry visa can be issued. This measure aims to encourage residents to adhere to traffic laws and regulations, promoting safety and order on the roads. Applicants are advised to check and clear any fines to avoid delays in the visa issuance process.

Rent-A-Car Return Requirement

For those utilizing rental car services, Jawazat has issued a reminder to return any rented vehicles prior to requesting an exit/re-entry visa. This stipulation is likely aimed at ensuring that rental companies are not left in limbo with unreturned vehicles, which can cause logistical and financial issues. Compliance with this rule will facilitate a smoother transition for those planning to leave and re-enter the country.

In conclusion, Jawazat’s recent statement serves as a reminder of the importance of following visa regulations meticulously. By adhering to these guidelines, individuals can ensure a smoother, more predictable process when planning their travel in and out of the country. Always stay informed of the latest requirements and procedures to avoid any complications with your travel plans.