What is HS Code or Customs Code in Saudi Arabia?

HS Code Saudi Arabia

The HS code is a global standard for categorizing products that will be imported or sold in the Saudi market. It helps in the standardization and identification of products and can be obtained by visiting the Saber website or the official website of the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority.

How to get Saudi customs code or HS code

You can search for the Saudi customs code on Saber platform. The platform allows searching by HS Code or keywords. Once the results are displayed, select the description that corresponds to your product, and the system will also show the type of certificate required for each item.

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What information is required to register on the Saber platform?

The following information is required to register on the Saber platform:

  • Establishment’s Commercial Registration (CR) data.
  • Iqama number or National ID linked with the CR.
  • Contact information.
  • Establishment stamp.
  • Signature of the property’s owner.

Who is required to register in the Saber system?

Registration in the Saber system is mandatory for only the import merchant and the local manufacturer.

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