How to Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

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How to Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from Saudi Arabia

How to Get a PCC in KSA

Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in Saudi Arabia, also known as a “No Criminal Record” certificate or a “Certificate of Good Conduct,” is crucial for many individuals, especially when moving to a Western country. This certificate serves as proof of your criminal record, or lack thereof. The process involves several steps, from requesting an endorsement letter to the final authentication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This article provides a detailed breakdown of each step, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the procedure and its requirements.

Steps to Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from Inside Saudi Arabia

#1: Request an Endorsement Letter: The first step is to request an endorsement letter from your country’s embassy. You must submit a copy of your iqama and a fee with your application for the letter of endorsement. For Indians, it is necessary to visit the VFS office for this purpose, and they will charge a fee of approximately SAR 85.

#2: Get a Translation: You need to get a translation of your endorsement letter from an authorized translation center in Saudi Arabia. If you are in Riyadh, you can find many such centers in Batha and Murabba, near the Jawazat office.

#3: MOFA Attestation: Once you receive the endorsement letter and its translation, you need to get an attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Attestation). For that, you need to first book a MOFA appointment and pay the fee (around SAR 100) online. On the appointment day, visit MOFA with the endorsement letter, its translation, a copy of your iqama, and your passport to get it attested.

#4: Get an Appointment from Absher to Visit the Criminal Record Office: You need to book an appointment through Absher to visit the criminal record office; on the appointment day, go with all required documents including a valid iqama, the appointment letter, and the endorsement letter attested by MOFA. They will verify and issue your PCC immediately. Your PCC certificate will be in both Arabic and English.

#5: Final MOFA Attestation: Now, you need to have your PCC attested by MOFA; for that, you need to book a MOFA appointment once more and visit MOFA on the appointment day with your PCC and valid iqama to get it attested.

Please note your PCC will have only one month of validity; plan accordingly.

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