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Procedure to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate From Ksa


The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) has been made mandatory for all expatriates leaving Saudi Arabia. The following are steps to obtain a PPC from the relevant departments:

The first step is to apply for an endorsement letter in the embassy of your country. You will have to submit a copy of your iqama and pay a certain amount as a fee along with the application for the letter of endorsement.

Once you receive it, you will have to submit it to MOFA with a copy of your iqama and passport. From here you will get a form, fill it out and submit it there with a fee of SR 100, copies of your documents and letters of endorsement. (Note: all payments can be made online)


MOFA will attest to the certificate for you. For this attestation you don’t have to get the letter translated into Arabic.

After you are done with your finger print scanning process, with the Government Relations officer of your company with you, take all your documents along with the attested letter of endorsement to a Police Station. They will give you an expected date when you can come and collect your Police Clearance Certificate from them.

Go and collect your PCC from the police station 3 to 4 days after the date given to you. Take it to the MOFA and get it attested. For future ease, it is better to get it translated to English.

Please note that for all such documents it is essential that you make copies. Once you get your police clearance certificate, send it for translation from one of the approved translation companies.

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