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Procedure to Apply for Police Clearance Certificate from KSA

Police Clearance Certificate

Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Saudi Arabia is crucial for many individuals, especially when moving to a Western country. This certificate serves as proof of your criminal record or lack thereof. The process involves several steps, from requesting an endorsement letter to the final authentication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This article provides a detailed breakdown of each step, ensuring you clearly understand the procedure and its requirements.

Steps to Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate

1. Request an Endorsement Letter: The first step is to request an endorsement letter from your country’s embassy. You must submit a copy of your iqama and a fee with your application for the letter of endorsement.

2. Submission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Once you receive the endorsement letter, submit it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA Attestation) along with a copy of your iqama and passport. You will then receive a form, which you must complete and submit along with a fee of SR 100, copies of your documents, and letters of endorsement. (Please note that all payments must be made online.)

3. MOFA Attestation: MOFA will attest to the certificate. You are not required to have the letter translated into Arabic for this attestation.

4. Fingerprint Scanning: After completing the fingerprint scanning process, with the assistance of your company’s Government Relations officer, take all of your documents, along with the attested letter of endorsement, to a Police Station.

5. Collecting the Police Clearance Certificate: The Police Station will inform you of an anticipated date on which you may come and collect your Police Clearance Certificate. Collect your PCC from the police station three to four days after the date specified.

6. Final MOFA Authentication: Take the collected PCC to MOFA for authentication. It is preferable to have it translated into English for future reference.

7. Important Reminder: Please note that for all such documents it is essential that you make copies. Once you get your police clearance certificate, send it for translation from one of the approved translation companies.

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