Penalty and Deportation on Iqama Expiry

Iqama in Saudi Arabia

Iqama or Muqeem card is the Residence Permit which is proof of an expatriate’s legal status in Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of having an Iqama in Saudi Arabia

It is a valid form of identification for all purposes, without which one cannot operate a bank account, ATMs, remit money, obtain a mobile SIM connection/recharge, travel abroad, etc.

Iqama is Employers Responsibility

Employers must provide Iqama within 90 days of the arrival of the worker after he successfully undergoes medical tests and the employer is arranging health insurance.

If the employer fails to provide Iqama within 90 days or renews it before its expiry, the Ministry of Labour (Toll Free Helpline No. 19911) should be contacted to register a complaint.

On receipt of Iqama, it must be confirmed that the name is printed exactly as in the passport. If not, the necessary corrections need to be done through a sponsor from Jawazat’s office.

Iqama must be carried at all times and shown to police or other authorities if demanded.

It is the employer’s responsibility to the cost of issue and renewal of Iqama, as well as any fines relating to its non-issuance/non-renewal.

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my khfeel mafi sogi iqama renovel and mafi sogi final exit be need to go back home what can i do pls help me