General Duties of Employees As per Saudi Labor Law

By Mohammed Ameen

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General Duties of Employees As per Saudi Labor Law

Duties of a Worker as per Saudi Labor Law

According to the Saudi Labor Law, the following are the general duties of a worker,

-The worker must perform the work in accordance with the trade practice and the employer’s instructions provided that such instructions do not conflict with the contract, the law or public morality and that they do not expose him to any undue hazards.(A/65)

-The worker must take due care of the employer’s machinery, tools, supplies and raw materials placed at his disposal or in his custody and return to the employers the unused materials.(A/65)

-The worker must abide by proper conduct and ethical norms during work.(A/65)

-The worker must extend all assistance and help without making it contingent on additional pay in cases of disasters or hazards threatening the workplace or the persons working therein.(A/65)

-The worker must undergo, upon the employer’s request, the medical examinations required prior to or during employment to ensure that he is free from occupational or communicable diseases.(A/65)

-The worker must keep confidential the technical, trade and industrial secrets of the products or which he directly or indirectly contributed to their production, as well as all trade secrets related to the work or the firm, the disclosure of which is likely to cause damage to the employer’s interests. (A/65)

-No worker shall not , during the enjoyment of any of the vacations set forth in the labor Law that worked for another employer.(A/118)

-A worker shall use and preserve the personal protective equipment designated for each process.(A/124)

-A worker shall carry out the instructions established to protect his health against injuries and diseases.(A/124)

-A worker shall refrain from any action or omission that may lead to failure to implement the instructions, misuse or impair the devices provided to protect the workplace as well as the health and safety of fellow workers.(A/124)​