Maternity Leave Rules in Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

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Maternity Leave Rules in Saudi Arabia

What is Maternity Leave?

Maternity leave is the right for female employees to take leave on giving birth. This article talks about the maternity leave rules in Saudi Arabia, including how long a female employee can take maternity leave before and after she gives birth.

Maternity Leave in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Labor law allows Female employees to take maternity leave for a period of ten weeks at a time. The maternity leave can start four weeks before the likely date of birth, and a medical certificate approved by a health authority determines the probable birth date.

It is against the law to employ a female worker in any way within the next six weeks after giving birth, and such a female worker is permitted to take a one-month unpaid leave.

Furthermore, if a woman gives birth to a sick child or a person with a disability who needs constant attention, she will be able to take one month of paid leave after her maternity leave is over, and she can also take one month of unpaid leave.

The employer may not fire or warn a female employee during pregnancy or maternity leave. This includes the length of her illness, as long as medical documents can prove it, and the number of days she is away from work doesn’t exceed (one hundred and eighty) days per year, whether consecutive or separate.

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