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How to Check Your Wafid Medical Status Online

If you’re planning to travel to one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries for work and hail from one of the 21 listed countries, including India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, it’s mandatory to undergo a medical test. This test is conducted by a medical center accredited by the Gulf Health Council in your home country. To be eligible for working in a GCC country, you must pass this medical test. The test, known as the Wafid medical test (formerly the GAMCA medical test), requires an appointment, which can be booked through the Wafid website (previously the GCCHMC website). This article guides you through the process of checking your Wafid medical report status online.

Steps to Check Your Wafid Medical Report Status

  1. Visit the Wafid Website: Start by visiting
  2. Select “View Medical Reports”: On the homepage, locate and click on the “View Medical Reports” option.
  3. Choose a Search Method: You’ll be directed to a new page where you can search either by Passport Number or Wafid Slip Number. Choose the method that suits you best.
  4. Enter Your Details: If you opt for the “By Passport Number” method, input your passport number. Then, select your nationality from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click “Check”: After entering your details, click on the “Check” button to proceed.
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Upon completing these steps, you’ll be directed to a page displaying your GCC medical report status. If your report reads “FIT” highlighted in green, it indicates you have passed the test, and your photo along with other personal details will be visible. On the other hand, if the result shows “UNFIT”, it means you haven’t passed the test. In this case, you may need to undergo further testing or receive treatment before being deemed ready for employment in the GCC.


Checking your Wafid, formerly known as GAMCA or GCCHMC, medical report status online is a straightforward and quick process. All you require is your passport number. By following these simple steps, you can conveniently ascertain your eligibility for work in the GCC countries, ensuring you meet all necessary medical requirements.

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