How to Check Your Mobile SIM Number in Saudi Arabia

By Mohammed Ameen

Published on:

How to Check Your Mobile SIM Number in Saudi Arabia

Checking your mobile SIM number in Saudi Arabia is easy and can be done using specific USSD codes for each network. Whether you’re using STC, Mobily, Zain, or any other provider, this guide will help you quickly find your mobile number.

List of USSD Codes to Check Your Mobile Numbers

To help you find your mobile SIM number, we’ve compiled the USSD codes for all major networks in Saudi Arabia. Simply dial the appropriate code for your network, and your mobile number will be displayed on your screen. Here are the codes:

  • Mobily: *222#
  • STC: *150#
  • Zain: *144#
  • Jawwy: *150#
  • Friendi: *110#
  • Virgin Mobile: *106#
  • RedBull Mobile: *580#
  • Salam Mobile: *107#
  • Lebara: *000#

By using these USSD codes, you can easily check your mobile SIM number for any network in Saudi Arabia. Keep this list handy for future reference, and share it with friends and family who might find it useful. If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to contact your network’s customer service for further assistance.

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