Most Common Reasons for Family Visit Visa Application Rejection in Saudi Arabia

Here are some of the most common reasons for the rejection of family visit visa applications in Saudi Arabia.

[1] Your Iqama Profession

One of the main reasons for the family visit visa application rejection in Saudi Arabia is the profession mentioned on Iqama. Saudi Arabia has limited family visit visas for some professions. If your Iqama profession is not among those professions, your application will be rejected.

[2] Validity of Iqama

The validity of Iqama is very important when you are applying for a visit visa. Iqama should be valid for more than 3 months, otherwise your application will be rejected.

[3] Errors in Application

Errors in the visit visa application are another major reason for the rejection of the family visit visa. The application must be filled out very carefully and follow the instructions provided in the links. The language in which the application has to be filled is Arabic, while the names should be entered in English language. The majority of applications for Family Visit Visa are rejected because of the mistakes found in the application. So the mistakes should be avoided while filling in the application.

[4] No Family Visit Visa during Hajj Season

Saudi Arabia usually does not process visit visas during the Hajj season and it is one more important reason for the rejection of the application of Family Visit Visa. You should apply for a family visit visa before the beginning of Ramadan.

[5] Applicants Relationship with Sponsor

The applicants relationship with the sponsor (the person who invite his family members on a visit visa) is also a big factor for approval. You can only invite the following family members on a family visit visa.

  • Wife
  • Children’s
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Mother-in-law
  • Father-in-law
  • Sisters

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if a person left Saudi on leave and don’t come back due to company’s conditions what are the rules for him to come back again in Saudi.


I am a housewife born and brought up here in ksa rydh.. my husband is engineer by profession.. can he apply vist visa for his wife sister.


rejecting because one name
they need two names atleast but in passport its only one name
please help on this issue


My husband has labour Visa can he apply for tourist visa for our family


sisters are not allowed, whats your source of info???