5 Top Reasons Your Saudi Family Visit Visa Might Be Denied

By Mohammed Ameen

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5 Top Reasons Your Family Visit Visa Might Be Denied

Applying for a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia is relatively simple process, however several applicants find their applications rejected each year. Understanding the reasons behind these rejections can significantly enhance the chances of your application being approved. Here we discuses five common reasons for the rejection of family visit visa applications in Saudi Arabia, offering insights to help you manage the process more effectively.

1. Validity of Iqama

A critical aspect of the application process is the validity of your Iqama. Saudi authorities require your Iqama to be valid for more than three months at the application time. Ideally, ensuring it’s valid for over four months when applying for a family visit visa can prevent unnecessary rejections.

2. Errors in Application

Accuracy in filling out the application is top important. A significant number of rejections are from errors made during the application process. It’s essential to carefully follow the instructions provided, fill out the application in Arabic, and enter names in English to avoid common pitfalls that lead to rejection.

3. No Family Visit Visa during Hajj Season

The timing of your application can also affect its outcome. Saudi Arabia does not process family visit visas during the Hajj season. Therefore, planning your application timing and avoiding the Hajj season — by applying before the start of Ramadan — is crucial.

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4. Relationship with the Applicant

Eligibility often depends on the applicant’s relationship with the sponsor. Saudi Arabia restricts family visit visas to immediate family members, including spouses, children, parents, and parents-in-law. Applications for extended family members or friends are likely to face rejection.

5. Passport Validity of the Applicant

The validity of the applicant’s passport is another crucial consideration. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the application date. Passports nearing expiration can lead to application rejection due to potential travel regulation issues.


A successful family visit visa application to Saudi Arabia requires preparation and attention to detail. By ensuring the Iqama’s validity, filling out the application correctly, timing your application appropriately, and verifying the eligibility based on relationships and passport validity, applicants can significantly improve their chances of approval. Remember, understanding and managing these common issues is key to reuniting with your loved ones in Saudi Arabia smoothly.